Motor News Weekly with Bob Long

Motor News Weekly is interactive talk radio at its best, giving listeners all over North America the opportunity to share their love and enthusiasm for automobiles by giving them the opportunity to talk with experts directly. Motor News Weekly is pedal to the metal fun format, and hosted by the #1 Automotive Radio personality in America, Bob Long. Bob has been a professional broadcaster for over 30 years.

Motor News Weekly delivers experts from all consumer and enthusiast publications and websites featuring veteran automotive host, Bob Long in the driver’s seat. Motor News Weekly combines unbiased opinions and coverage of automotive events world wide. The show also features weekly test drive reviews, motor sports news, automotive business coverage and delivers the most up to the minute automotive news in the industry.

Radio and automobiles have been lifelong passions for host, Bob Long. His enthusiasm for cars started as a child collecting auto magazines and memorabilia. His love for broadcasting began in grade school and led to a radio career starting at age seventeen. Long is the former producer and host of Motor Trend Radio, Motor Trend Radio Magazine, Motor Trend Weekend, AutoWorld and Car Crazy radio programs.

Motor News Weekly will feature the latest information on selling new and used cars, looking at the latest new cars from Detroit, Europe, and Asia and will feature expert advice and opinion's from the automotive industry’s leading journalists, writing for national automobile enthusiast and consumer magazines. The show will also feature interviews with the leading experts in collecting and restoring antique and classic automobiles, along with interviews of automotive engineers and product planners on getting the inside track on upcoming technological innovations, direct from the manufacturers.