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Inventions by Dr. Bill Wattenburg to Solve Major National Security Problems

Inventions by Dr. Bill Wattenburg to Solve Major National Security Problems

Bill Wattenburg has invented numerous ways to solve major national and international security problems. He does field tests to prove that his inventions actually work. Experimental results are shown in the videos below.

During the Gulf War in 1990, he developed a way to clear large desert areas of land mines without endangering soldiers and equipment on the ground using a large helicopter to pull a special chain matrix over the ground at high speed.

After the Gulf War, he showed the Pentagon how to drop food packages without parachutes from high altitude to refugees on the ground. This removes the greatest danger to our airmen who had to fly low to drop large food pallets with parachutes over hostile areas. The U.S Air Force developed his scheme to feed millions of refugees in Afghanistan (but curiously, our government refused to use this procedure to rescue thousands starving in Haiti?)

After 9/11, Bill was asked to find a way to stop large fuel trucks that could be as destructive as airliners full of fuel. A single tanker truck full of gasoline could destroy a major bridge. Bill designed a simple device that can be mounted on the rear of any fuel truck which allows a police patrol car to safely stop the truck by simply bumping the rear of the truck. A terrorist truck driver must get out of the stopped truck in order to restart the truck. This is exactly what the police desire. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the U.C. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory thoroughly tested the scheme at the former Nevada Nuclear Test Site and on fuel tanker trucks operating every day in California. The CHP recommended that the inexpensive stopping device should be field tested on many fuel tanker trucks In California. The trucking association lobby objected. The state legislature refused the request by the CHP. Today, police are essentially helpless to stop a hijacked fuel tanker truck speeding on the highways without endangering the lives of all who are near the truck.

His latest solution and invention is a simple and reliable Blow Out Preventer (BOP) for deep water oil wells such as the Deep Water Horizon well that spilled millions of barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 (full description below).

Helicopter Minesweeper Tests Video

Dropping Food Packages Without Parachutes


Truck Stopping Tests at Nevada Test Site 2002

A Simple Blow Out Preventer (BOP) Device for Deep Water Oil Wells that Requires no Complex Activation
Equipment -- Such as the Equipment that Failed at the BP Deep Water Horizon Well in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

Bill Wattenburg designed and patented this device in October 2011. A full description of patent 8,042,615 is available from at

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