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Ingraham: Grandma to pay for lazy 26 year old's Health Care

Ingraham: Grandma to pay for lazy 26 year old's Health Care

New details emerge from Obamacare showing the Elderly will pay for health care for young adults until age 26.

Health Law Augurs Transfer of Funds From Old to Young

By Janet Adamy of the Wall Street Journal

MANDEVILLE, La.—Mark Baumann, a 44-year-old uninsured diabetic, sees in the Obama administration's health-care law a future with stable coverage to pay for his insulin shots and blood tests.  That's likely to come indirectly at the expense of his mother's generous health-care plan.  Humana Inc., Mary Baumann's insurer, intends to pare her "Medicare Advantage" plan to make up for the smaller government payments it will soon receive as a result of the new law, leaving her with higher costs or fewer services. On the table are beefed-up co-payments and premiums, as well as the loss of perks such as her free membership at a health club.  Read more at The Wall Street

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