FLASHPOINT LIVE with Sam Sorbo and Marius Forte

FLASHPOINT LIVE takes on the critical choices we face as a nation, addressing the key domestic and international issues of our time. Whether the subject is the fiscal health of our county, the electoral system, or the clash of civilizations in the Middle East, Sam Sorbo and Marius Forte are there to engage with live callers and top newsmakers on the topics that will decide the fate of America and the world.

FLASHPOINT LIVE is co-hosted by Sam Sorbo and Marius Forte and broadcasts LIVE
Saturday 3-5pm PST and Sunday 5-7pm PST.

Both Sorbo and Forte have traveled the world and bring a wealth of experiences to any topic of discussion. They are both published authors, and successes in their respective fields. Sam Sorbo is an international fashion model, real estate developer, actress, wife, mother of three, writer, philosopher, photographer, hospital volunteer, and founder of TrueFeminist.com. She speaks five languages fluently and advocates home schooling. A native of Pittsburgh, PA, Sam first traveled abroad with her mother on a whirlwind tour of Europe that kindled her intense travel lust. She spent her senior year of high school as an exchange student in Sweden, then attended Duke University to study biomedical engineering. During college she spent a year in Paris, learning French and pursuing her interest in fashion and photography with the renowned Elite Modeling Agency in Paris, France. TrueFeminist.com www.facebook.com/samsorbo www.twitter.com/samsorbo www.samsorbo.wordpress.com


Marius Forte is a practicing Catholic married to a wife of Jewish descent, was born and raised in Vienna but is fully Americanized. As a young man, he traveled and worked extensively throughout Europe and most of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, exploring in depth those areas’ diverse religions, cultures and political systems. For the past twenty years he has lived in New York. Forte is uniquely endowed to debate on almost any topic intelligently, effortlessly, and with a grounded historical perspective, not from hearsay, but from the greatest teacher of all: life itself.

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