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Existing Syndicated Giant Moves Earlier into Afternoon Drive Time on TRN Entertainment

Existing Syndicated Giant Moves Earlier into Afternoon Drive Time on TRN Entertainment
Washington, D.C. – Talk Radio Network Entertainment has announced a programming change to bring afternoon drive talk radio firmly into the 21st century. Starting October 15th 2012, the 8th largest syndicated talk show in America replaces what was the 6th largest show, and in so doing, stations will get a highly entertaining, powerful and proven show that they can sell locally with pride. A show that will also bring massive audience, with a host that will “superserve” his affiliate’s needs. 

This replacement program for Jerry Doyle’s previous time slot will debut the week of October 15th live from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST (Noon to 3 pm. PST) on 285 stations, filling the position of the former 6th Largest Syndicated Talk Show in America (according to Talkers Magazine). 

Rusty Humphries is a foreign policy issue specialist and has traveled extensively in the Middle East and beyond. Humphries broadcasts over the last few years have taken him to Iraq, Kuwait, England, Cuba, Mexico, Italy, Israel (including Gaza and The West Bank). While in Israel, Rusty actually agreed to go blindfolded to a secret location so that he could have a personal interview with active terrorist that he recorded and shared with his audience. 

He has also traveled to Darfur, Sudan to witness and report on the genocide and met with former slaves in relief camps. 

Humphries is an expert on military issues and has featured many of America's soldiers and distinguished officials live from Iraq and Afghanistan. He served as a military observer at the U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Detention Center and has contacts directly to the Pentagon and Centcom including former General Petraeus, whom he traveled with for a week, and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Humphries will continue to also jump in live in his old time slot (9 p.m. to Midnight EST, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. PST) when breaking news occurs in that time slot also. That feed will remain, but just as a re-feed unless live events demand Rusty’s live presence in the re-feed slot also. 

Mark Masters, CEO of Talk Radio Network Entertainment says, “Rusty Humphries is a critical part of the future of talk radio, he is a proven performer of extraordinary ability. He is a master storyteller who balances humor with hardship, while never crossing the line. He knows this is about business. 
Rusty’s expertise on foreign policy and military affairs is among the best of any national broadcaster. When he offers commentary it is backed with real life experience straight from the front lines and his extensive ‘A’ list of contacts. I congratulate Rusty on his move from the 8th largest show to the 6th largest show in America. With Rusty, stations will get salability, massive audience and responsible, brilliant programs.” 

Says Humphries, “Even though I will be live in afternoon drive, Monday through Friday 15 hours a week, when news breaks, something important happens or any other occurrences that will require my presence live in the re-feed slot at night, I will be happy to jump in there as well and do a second shift – I will not let any of my affiliates down.” 

To listen to show samples go to 

Here’s what some stations are saying about The Rusty Humphries Show

“Our listeners have already said that Rusty’s ‘guy next door’ sound and intelligent delivery make them feel like there’s a talk show they can relate to without having to study the daily congressional record. Rusty makes friends with the audience fast,” says Scott Lindy, Former Director of Operations, WGST, Atlanta, GA. 

Rick Belcher, General Manager, KPAM, Portland, OR says, “It’s never been more important to stand up for what’s right, and Rusty Humphries does that during every show. He communicates his ideas with great skill, as someone who totally understands how best to use radio. We’re proud to have him as part of the KPAM 860 line-up!” 

“Rusty Humphries is a quality communicator. He states his case well and with consistency. It’s just good radio,” says Jon Yinger, Owner, WLRT, Lexington, KY. 

Renee de Medici, General Manager, WNRR, Augusta, GA says, “We love Rusty because he is honest and to the point and our audience loves him.” 

Jerry Evans, Owner and General Manager of KKFT, Reno, NV says, “Rusty goes above and beyond to help you succeed. You get more than you expect because he understands how radio works.” 

“When WFNT went News Talk, why did we pick Rusty Humphries to be part of our line-up? Because he’s smart, funny, and quick on his feet. Plus they included a free case of his wintergreen O.B.P. (Obama Butt-Kissing Protectant) when we signed,” says Dan Foley, Program Director, WFNT, Flint, MI. 

Betty Heacock, General Manager, WFEB, Sylacauga, AL says, “Rusty is a great host and our audience loves his show ever since we first put him on WFEB.” 

“Rusty seems like the neighbor next door that has a solution for every problem, always a joke to share, and an ability to connect personally to you. You hear what other talk show hosts will talk about the next day on The Rusty Humphries Show on KFLS,” says Robert Wynne, General Manager, KFLS, Klamath Falls, OR. 

For more information contact Talk Radio Network Entertainment at 888-383-3733 or 

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